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หน้าหลัก เกี่ยวกับเรา ทีมงานสนับสนุน ผู้ประสานงาน ข่าวและเหตุการณ์ แจ้งเตือนสินค้านำเข้า เข้าใช้ระบบ
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Ţ¡͹ ѹ͹ Ǣ͹ дѺ觴ǹ
MY-20231129-00487 29/11/2023 Dithiocarbamates (0.288 mg/kg) in Coriander Leaves from Thailand
MY-20231129-00486 29/11/2023 Propamocarb 0.845 mg/kg in Chilli and 0.724 mg/kg in Mustards from Thailand
MY-20231129-00485 29/11/2023 Propamocarb (0.05 mg/kg) in Small Chilli from Thailand
MY-20231129-00484 29/11/2023 Formaldehyde (1.9 mg/kg) in Banana from Thailand
MY-20231107-00483 07/11/2023 Lead (0.09 mg/kg) in Thick and Creamy Vanilla (Yoghurt) from Australia
Ţ¡͹ ѹ͹ Ǣ͹ дѺ觴ǹ
ACFS-20230628-00148 12/06/2023 Aflatoxins (45.17 ppb) in Peanut from India
ACFS-20230628-00147 19/06/2023 Aflatoxins (32.19 ppb) in Peanut from India
DOA-20230206-00553 03/01/2023 Ochratoxin A (124.18 ppb) in Dried Chilli from India
DOA-20230206-00552 25/01/2023 Chlorpyrifos-methyl (0.42 ppm) in wheat from Australia
DOA-20230206-00551 25/01/2023 Aflatoxin (520.03 ppb) in Peanut from Lao P.D.R.
Ţ¡͹ ѹ͹ Ǣ͹ дѺ觴ǹ
DOA-20230407-00554 03/04/2023 ǨͿҷ͡Թ㹼Եѳʧ仵ҵðҹʹâͧ
DOA-20220324-00547 14/03/2022 Ǩѵءѹ» Sorbic acid 㹼ԵѳӵоǼӵ
DOA-20220324-00546 14/03/2022 Ǩѵءѹ» Benzoic acid Sorbic acid 㹼Եѳӵо
DOA-20220314-00543 01/11/2021 Ǩ Ochratoxin A ҳ 53.79 ppb Թҵðҹ˹㹼Եѳԡᴧٻ
DOA-20220314-00542 01/11/2021 Ǩ Ochratoxin A ҳ 37.73 ppb Թҵðҹ˹㹼Եѳԡᴧ
Ţ¡͹ ѹ͹ Թ ˹§ҹǢͧ
 0211.7/10111 13/11/2023 DOF
 2023.7377 30/10/2023 Frozen lime leaves DOA
 11710/663 26/10/2023 о͹ (Fresh Coconuts Original Type) DOA
 11710/664 26/10/2023 ѧشʴ DOA
 11710/664 26/10/2023 ѧشʴ DOA
Ţ¡͹ ѹ͹ Ǣ͹ дѺ觴ǹ
DOA-20191020-00522 03/05/2019 Chlorpyrifos 0.02 mg/kg in mangosteen from analysis before export
DOA-20191020-00521 14/05/2019 Dimethoate 0.08 mg/kg in mango from analysis before export
DOA-20191020-00520 14/05/2019 Chlorpyrifos 0.06 mg/kg in mangosteen from analysis before export
DOA-20191020-00519 15/05/2019 Escherichia coli 280 cfu/g in spring onion from analysis before export
DOA-20191020-00518 15/05/2019 Lambda-Cyhalothrin 0.05 mg/kg in longan from analysis before export